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Alassio and Riviera of flowers.

Alassio has its famous "Muretto" , decorated with colorful ceramic tiles that have the autographs of famous and immortalized stars from film and theater. Alassio is a small town on the Ligurian sea coast with a well protected and lovely sandy beach.

In the heart of the old town runs the "Budello" , a typical Ligurian alley. In the Middle Ages was the main street. Now is a traffic-free pedestrian zone with numerous boutiques and retailers ( approximately 2 km long lane parallel to the coastline) . Restaurants and organize evening programs for every taste.

Richard West Gallery

A Alassio Lover

The Mediterranean is ideal lighting conditions, Richard West had sought for so long an inspiration motif, and were found on his arrival at the station of Alassio in June 1885. Two years earlier, the director of the magazine Art Journal was commissioned to paint thirty pictures of the most popular resorts of the British and the Wests traveled was along the Riviera from Hyeres to Bordighera. Undoubtedly, the transparent Mediterranean sky and the dreamlike landscapes have fascinated many people to spend a short summer vacation in a Mediterranean bay. We do not know why he chose Alassio, at the time, only recently discovered by the English, certainly he was impressed by the long beach and the green hills behind, but maybe the reason was simply that prices were still lower here than elsewhere, and therefore ideal for the small pockets of a suitable painter, who was known in his homeland, but had not yet achieved the great fame and material success. Richard West was born in Dublin on 18 January 1848. He attended Trinity College, a prestigious university in the Irish capital, Dublin. He then went to England and enrolled in the University of Cambridge: a very respectable cultural history, however, did not dissuade him from his passion for painting. First, his teaching led him to Gloucester, then to Edinburgh and finally to London, where his visits to museums and cultural salons of society brought about significant progress in his art. His undoubted artistic ability opened the doors to the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts at Burlington House, one of the most important art institutions in Britain. It is dedicated to the teaching and promotion of painting, sculpture and architecture and thereby contributing to the success of its graduates.
The place, the West chosen for his summer vacation, had consisted of the old fishing village along the main road, Via Aurelia, between the eastern district of Borgo Coscia and western Borgo Barusso. At this time these were the limits of Alassio, but since 1875, with the arrival of the first Englishman the city expanded. The railroad built in 1872 crossed the town to the north and the gentle hills that surround the bay just beyond, had become the darling of the English community, where they built their mansions. Despite many changes, the city had maintained the integrity of folk life and sparked with its crystal clear Mediterranean light conditions at the heart of the coming out of the foggy north painter an inextinguishable fire. Unlike his compatriots, who like to spend the winter on the Riviera and at the onset of summer's heat left, Richard West preferred a summer holiday and already proving a certain creativity. He was an excellent swimmer and loved the outdoors, perhaps precisely because he chose as a boarding house "Cà Gianca" which was in the midst of the garden and separated from the sea by the Via Aurelia as. The ideal place to explore the nuances of sky and sea at all times of day. In 1893 he married Gertrude Ellen Ragg, daughter of the English pastor of Bordighera, and in 1895 came them beloved daughter Katherine. In 1905 West drove for a short visit to Fiesole, where he fell ill with pneumonia, however, and on 23 February at the age of 57 years died unexpectedly. The English community of Alassio designed by the London architects Caroe build the Memorial Gallery. Here works were exhibited by Wests. In 1935, the exhibition due to the political circumstances of those years was closed, and the pictures ended up in the garage of Banksia Villa, home of his daughter, where they remained for many decades. After the war she came back to Alassio and lived here until 1963. When she made ​​the decision to finally return to England, they gave the people of Alassio, taken as a sign of filial love and devotion, 77 paintings by her father to the city in custody. Today, West's works are returned to their original home, where a permanent exhibition gives evidence evoking that lost time.

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