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Well-being, from the first moment. Our hospitality will benefit families in particular. Devote yourself to one of our programs, or just relax, maybe take a walk in the nearby fishing village of Laigueglia, walls along the coast line in the sand, you will enjoy this unique proximity to the sea, in every season

a special kind of experience so many occasions, unforgettable moments to spend with your loved ones.

So many opportunities to play and to experience special moments with your pets.

A unique and effortless experience.


Genoa Aquarium and Aquarium Village
The Genoa Aquarium
is a spectacular marine zoo,
unique in Europe!

The aquarium was founded in 1992 on the occasion of the celebrations to mark 500 years of Columbus' discovery of America. The planning and architectural design were by architects Renzo Piano (Genoa) and Peter Chermayeff (USA) . At the time it opened it was the second largest aquarium in the world. In the summer of 1998 it expanded again . To the official website

Aquarium and "biosphere"
Bigo, the panoramic lift
"Children's City": "Città dei Bambini"
Galata, the Maritime Museum and
Nazario Sauro, the U-boat

The aquarium is now more than 250 feet long , spread over 4 floors , of which 2 jut out of the sea and lie at a depth of 7 meters.

With a surface of 10,000 m 2   it is one of the main cultural attractions of Italy and Europe . It mimics the greatest diversity of ecosystems , the living room of the Mediterranean and the oceans , with special emphasis on the biological balance.

The Genoa Aquarium is a spectacular marine zoo, unique in Europe is the size of the basins, which together contain about 4 million gallons of water: 600 animal species, 200 different plant species . In 71 pools a complete and compelling observation of life and movement of animals is possible, as if one is in their midst, would be an unforgettable experience, walking under tropical fish, dolphins, sharks, seals, rays, penguins, turtles, corals, moray eels and seahorses .

... But the sea water zoo is MUCH MORE! Acquario Village

with incredible facilities

The "biosphere" : In this glass ball with diameter of 15m there are ferns and plants protected from the rain forest, millions of years old ecosystems.

Bigo is a panoramic lift, a crane-like structure, which allows you to float above the sea 40m.

The Children's City "Città dei Bambini e ragazzi": 90 exciting games for children 3 to 14 years, where technology can be experienced through touch

Galata, the Maritime Museum where the history of the sea is the basis of 6000 objects vividly recounts: galleys, steam ships and ...

Asked the decommissioned submarine Nazario Sauro (S 518) is now before the " Galata Sea Museum "at anchor, the first visitable museum ship in Italy

To oversee all the offers of the Aquarium Village, the attractions, times, projects such as "one night with the sharks" ... www.acquariodigenova.it

Getting Aquarium of Genoa:

the car
of Alassio in just one hour on the motorway - 98km - Exit "Genova Ovest", towards the center "Centro", Via Milano, Via Gramsci - 50m from the underpass, Piazza Caricamento, parking and parking garage right in train station Genova Piazza Principe, from there on foot in about 10/15 minutes or by bus No. 1 to the Piazza Caricamento or U-Bahn "Metropolitana" in the direction of De Ferrari, stop San Giorgio

Le Caravelle water adventure park and swimming pool

The water-theme park Le Caravelle, only 9 km from Alassio , easily accessible by bus ("caravels" are sailing ships, such as Columbus it for the trip to America used) is surrounded by greenery, only water-amusement park in Liguria, 80 000 m 2  of pure fun . To the official website

Entertainment and relaxation for the whole family: A variety of games, slides, wave pool and friendly, helpful staff guarantee an enjoyable day.

The water park Le Caravelle offers picnic area, bar, free baby club and an area with deck chairs and loungers.

Everything worth knowing, attractions, games, times at Le Caravelle Waterpark

The Show Caves of Toirano

A piece of history that fascinates, especially young researchers. The caves of Toirano

This limestone massif of gray dolomite is in Varatella valley, just 7km from the coast, with more than 150 natural caves, where traces of prehistoric humans and animals, which were discovered here, may have lived. the official website

Even today, researchers from around the world examine these traces. The caves were opened in 1953 as show caves and one of the main tourist attractions in the interior of the Ligurian west coast. Every year more than 110,000 visitors come to see the caves.


Information, reservations, directions to the "Grotte di Toirano".

More than 150 natural caves
with traces of
prehistoric humans and animals,
who once lived here.

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