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Well-being, from the first moment. Our hospitality will benefit families in particular. Devote yourself to one of our programs, or just relax, maybe take a walk in the nearby fishing village of Laigueglia, walls along the coast line in the sand, you will enjoy this unique proximity to the sea, in every season

a special kind of experience so many occasions, unforgettable moments to spend with your loved ones.

So many opportunities to play and to experience special moments with your pets.

A unique and effortless experience.

Deep into history

Olive Museum - Fratelli Carli

The olive tree museum is situated in Imperia , 23km away from Alassio, in a Liberty Villa, the headquarters of oil factory Fratelli Carli , near the train station.

The olive tree originated from a museum exhibition of the decades-old collections of the Carli family, a living museum , one of the main products of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil and know better how to respect. The tour begins in the museum garden, where, amidst the olive trees, a huge Spanish oil mill from the 17th Century, as well as a Ligurian olive oil mill from the 19th Century are located. The museum has 18 rooms , where the history of the olive tree is told the story of the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, the first field trials of the Middle Ages to the present day . We learn more about the journey of the oil that was transported from the ancient world by land and water, the "main streets" of the oil. As the story progresses we see the use of olives, oil and trees, and how the olives processed today are preserved and sold.

 Admission to the museum is free.
For a detailed visit to the museum
. The official website in German language carries the themes of the museum and provides useful information for visitors.

In the garden, among the olive trees, a huge Spanish oil mill from the 17th Century, as well as a Ligurian olive oil mill from the 19th Century.

International Maritime Museum in Imperia
Imperia, founded in 1980 , hydrographic institute: o

The Maritime Museum of Marine enthusiasts extends over 700m 2 and 14 visitor rooms .

Among the exhibits are compasses , including the compass of the sailing ship Narcissus, Joseph Conrad embarked on. Chronometer, documents such as ships' logs, navigation books, account books, contracts. From 18 Century to the present day shows this collection of paintings, uniforms, books and nautical maps, souvenirs and navigation documents from the Cape Horn and a comprehensive overview of shipyards, tools and dioramas. Everywhere in the halls can be seen models of merchant ships and naval vessels considered as the model of "Rex" , gift of the mayor of New York after winning the legendary "blue ribbon", or all types of antique boats and ships , as models of Leon Perret, a famous model builder between the 19th and 20 Century


The Roman Ship Museum
The Roman Ship Museum

located in Albenga in Palazzo Peloso Cepolla , a 17th century building Century. The underwater archaeological section was founded in 1950 , when on the seabed of Gallinara island in the Bay of Alassio one of the first Century BC, originating cargo ship was found.

The Roman ship wreck is the most significant , previously found in the western Mediterranean .

The wreck was found off the coast at 42 meters depth . Already thirteen archaeological campaigns have confirmed
that it is the largest example of a vessel so far in the Mediterranean known to be a Roman cargo ship is, with a cargo of over 10,000 amphorae and therefore with a loading capacity of 450 tons. In the museum, the remains of the ship are on display, a large number of wine-and oil- amphorae, personal items from the crew and soldiers aboard. All collected items have helped to date the shipwreck to 100-90 BC.

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