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Original Pesto, a symbol of Ligurian cuisine, appreciated and known all over the world, as will be mixed in the warm pasta, best to use the famous Trofie, ideal for other dishes. The recipe for pesto: basil , garlic , olive oil , pine nuts and parmesan cheese . Hearty Cima , a
Calf stomach pouch, filled with eggs, cheese, mortadella, peas and seasonal vegetables. In a poor neighborhood where steep mountain slopes to create resourceful terrace cultures stimulated to produce Ligurian fine wines , such as the golden Vermentino, the powerful and extremely tasty Pigato white or light red Rossese.

Original recipe 'Baci di Alassio'

"Baci di Alassio" (literally: "Kisses from Alassio") owe their name to the Ligurian city to which they are inseparable: they were invented here, and here they are generated. "Baci di Alassio", a sweet pastry with a chocolate heart, simply prepared, relaxed and mellow, more recent, delicate flavor.

■ Ingredients
250 gr hazelnuts
180 gr sugar
25 gr honey
50 gr dark chocolate
2 egg whites

■ prepare the hazelnuts on a baking sheet at 180 ° roast about 5 minutes, so they lose excess fat, and let cool on the multi-cutter with cocoa and sugar (1) to very fine powder grind. (2) egg whites with a small pinch of salt until stiff. The fine powder mixture into a bowl (3) and subjected to gentle the snow, finally the honey and mix well.

Pour the mixture into a piping bag with star shape (diameter 1 cm) fill (4) and on a greased baking sheet evenly sized (like half a Nutshell) pile shape (5), better baking paper. About 30 of these forms give kisses at the end of 15 finished. Preheat oven and bake at 180 degrees about 12 minutes. (On the inside they must stay soft!) To cool completely. Prepare ganache cream (6)

from:. 100g dark chocolate 100g cream bring the cream to a boil and pour over crushed in a bowl of dark chocolate (7), 5 to 10 minutes Allow to rest without stirring, then stir with a spoon and about 10 minutes by hand or stand mixer beat (9).

The ganache cream filling into a piping bag (10) and spread a little on a chocolate kiss (11), then a second chocolate kiss sit on (12). Allow to rest, possibly in the refrigerator so the ganache will become more compact.

■ "Baci Alassio" exist since 1919, they were invented here in Alassio, Liguria a small town, which is precisely through this little pastry made ​​famous. This delicacy is Alassio become a member of the clubs chocolate and it is now known, thanks to this little delicacy around the world.

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